Video Tutorial: How to Paint Your Countertops to Look like Granite

Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing my first video & my first video tutorial!

You get to hear what I sound like…it’s always weird to listen to yourself talk isn’t it?

Video Tutorial: How to Paint Your Countertops to Look Like Granite

(yes really.)

You can read the first post about my counter-tops here

and then I wrote a more detailed post about painted counter-tops.


Recently when Military Man & I put together a new ‘counter-top’, so we’d have more surface space in our kitchen, I knew I’d have to video myself painting it to match the other counters! To make the countertop we first removed the top of a kitchen rolling cart we had and added a piece of MDF to the top with a table leg on the front for support and a L bracket on the back to anchor it to the wall. This is the ‘before’ picture of our new ‘counter’ space: (the MDF has already been primed)



And here is the video: There is sound so adjust your speakers accordingly!

Products I used:

  • Primer
  • Folk Art Brand (Made by the Plaid company) Colors:
    • 938-Licorice
    • 425-Medium Grey
    • 2381-Battleship Grey (I did one section of my counter top in this and didn’t like it so used it very very sparingly after that)
    • 450-Parchment
    • 602- Country Twill
    • 660-Metallic Pure Gold (applied with an old toothbrush to just lightly mist the counter top)
  • Minwax Polycrylic clear coat in High Gloss. But I recommend EnviroTex High Gloss Sealer now. It is meant for applications such as this. My counter top is holding up fine but the EnviroTex will offer better protection.
  • Paint Brush (foam)
  • Paper towels (to dab with)
  • Painter’s Tape (to tape off walls, cabinets, sink edges, etc.)



Please Please Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on something- I’d love to help out if I can!

Did you do this? I want to see it! Please add it to the Sunday Show Off Group Pool on Flickr. Who knows YOUR counters might just be featured on Creative Kristi’s Sunday Show-off!

As always:

Have a happy day,

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  1. This is very nice dude

  2. We are having our NEW counter tops painted. They are baked in between each layer. The guy even left a hot clothes iron flat down on the sample for over an hour and it was fine, he also dropped butcher knifes from 2 stories above and it held up.
    LOL, yours look great, and cost a LOT less! Good job Kristi.
    Jody recently posted..Ultimate Giveaway Link-up by COUNTRY!

  3. Awesome! (I left a comment about this video on your other post about painting the countertops.) This is such a sensible fix for old countertops and I love that it’s keeping more stuff out of landfills.
    CherylK recently posted..Frozen Water

  4. Kristi, That was such a great tutorial and your faux granite countertop looks fabulous! You rock!! (pun intended) ~Lili

  5. Freakin awesome! How inventive!! Great work and thanks for sharing it on my year long link party 😀

  6. Kristi,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful saving techniques. We just bought an old house that needs ALOT of help. We are on a tight budget due to no job, so this will help!!!

    • Becky, thanks for stopping by and commenting! If you try this please share your pictures! I love seeing everyone’s results! :)

      • Janet Jones says:

        Kristi, thanks so much for the great video. I just redid my kitchen and then saw your video. Now I am brave enough to tackle the counter tops.waiting for kiltz it to dry and will get started. my colors are pretty much like yours but mine has a bit of light blue. thanks so much for the info. ~j~

  7. Sweet!
    Laurie recently posted..The Best Baby Shower Blogs and 12 Themes

  8. Hi Kristi
    I was motivated by you to paint my countertop too but I do not think it is as good as your but I love it. My previous countertop was the same blue color as yours. What is it with those blue countertops? Thank You for sharing your work.

    • Aww thanks for your comment! Send me some pics! I’d love to see YOUR work!! :) And yes! What IS with those blue countertops?? LOL

      • Mine are dark teal!!! I have been wanting to replace them since we bought the house 4 years ago, but we couldnt spare that kind of cash. I saw your video and I am so excited to try it! I am on my way to get supplies now!!! Thanks!

  9. Kristi Here are those pics

  10. Trisha Ham-Ying says:

    I just found you through “The Inspired Room” and I am so happy and pleased that I did. I am really looking forward to trying your method of faux granite counter tops. Yours turned out absolutely beautiful. But I was not surprised at your talent when I found out you were from Maine. Maine is filled with talented artists and “do-it-your-selfers” Though I am from Maine, I am not a artist, nor am I a DIY kinda gal, But I do read and follow direction’s rather well, and in these economic times am more inspired then ever in DIY decorating projects. So I am off to read more of your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent.

  11. TheNextMartha says:

    I have painted counter tops TOO! Mine are more black with tan and white specks. Though I can’t wait to get a NEW kitchen some day, this has definitely helped the overall look. You did a great job.

    • Jen,
      Thanks for visiting the blog & commenting! I am always amazed at how many people have painted countertops! They are really a quick, cheap and easy way to update the look until that ‘new’ kitchen arrives! :)

  12. this is JUST what i have been looking for!!!! our kitchens are so similar…we just painted our ugly outdated oak cabinets a beautiful natural white(sort of off-white) color and i really love them, but i have a disgustingly ugly BLUE laminate countertop that I can’t stand to look at!!! lol!
    my question is this…is your finished counter top smooth, or does it have a bumby texture…you know the way these crafts paints build up and leave texture?? does the clear coat smooth that all out? also, about how much do you need of the craft paint? does one bottle of each of your colors pretty much do it?

    thanks so much! i really appreciate your help, and this really informative tutorial!


    • Tenetia, first of all-thanks for stopping by and commenting!! :) Now on to your questions: The total finished countertop is smooth but it’s the layers upon layers of clear coat make it that way. The craft paint will build up but you can do a couple things-make sure you dabb off the excess paint on your cardboard (or whatever you are using) before you apply it to the countertop and try to use as few layers of color as you can. Then make sure you use a lot of thin layers of the clear coat. I think I ended up doing about 10-12 by the time I was done and only the last 2-3 were pretty heavy ones. It sounds like a lot but a thin coat dries within an hour so there is minimal ‘wait’ time. The build up of thin coats really helps to ensure coverage. You could also lightly sand down the high points of the craft paint before putting on the clear coat if you are worried about it :)
      As for the amount of paint-I think I used like 4-6 bottles of the main colors and only like 1/4 of a bottle of the accent black/gold/cream. I would start by buying 4-6 bottles of your two main colors and just one of the accents. You can always go back to the store to get more if you need. It really depends on how heavy handed you are with the dabbing as to how much paint you go through.
      Hope that helps! Let me know how it turns out & send me some pictures!! :)

  13. Love the look of the countertops! My question is now that you’ve had it for awhile, how has it held up? Any chipping or peeling? Thanks!

    • Lorie, I did one section over 2 years ago and it’s the ‘workhorse’ section of countertop where we prepare most meals and cut, chop, etc. I always use a cutting board but there is no chipping or peeling at all, even around the sink! :) The trick is to use a good primer and then seal really REALLY well-I even did a little under the lip of the counter and onto the wall behind the countertop so that all edges were sealed down tight! Good luck!

  14. Thanks so much for this … thought you might like to see my version ….

    Holly recently posted..Painted counters

  15. Mom of Five says:

    Kristi, I am about to begin painting on new granite counters. I will take before and afters to show. I heard about this idea on HGTV and then found your tutorial on YouTube. Thank you so much fir the step by step! Do you have to use acrylics? Can you use latex wall paint? I did a sample pattern with the wall paints because we wanted to incorporate those colors into the counter, but I definitely want something that is going to hold up for at least 5 years or so. Also, have you heard of any other sealers, or is polycrylic definitely the way to go? Thanks again. Awesome tutorial!

    • I don’t know how the latex wall paint will hold up as I’ve never tried it but I’m sure that if you use sealer it should be just fine. The arcylics are just cheaper than buying a qt. of each of the colors in latex. I’m at over 2 & 1/2 years now with mine & they are holding up just fine :) I highly recommend Envirotex as the sealer instead of the polycrylic since that is a higher gloss and a harder finish. You can find that online on A.C.Moore craft store and also if you go to: Good Luck! Can’t wait to see those pictures!

  16. Mom of Five says:

    Thank you for the advice. Will send pics soon.

  17. Fantastic post! Great video and tutorial too – I linked it to my countertops post today, nice job!

  18. Kristi, so you like the Envirotex Lite instead of Minwax?

  19. Oh, one more question, how long do you let the paint dry between switching colors?

    • Vicki-thanks for your comment & for visiting the blog! Yes I think that now I prefer the Envirotex Lite as the high gloss sealer. It depends on how heavy your ‘dabs’ are as to how long to let the paint dry. It really wasn’t very long at all for me-I started on one end of the counter and by the time I got to the other end I could probably start back again with a different color if that helps! :)
      I look forward to seeing your ‘before & after!!”

  20. Can you do this over an existing laminate countertop or does it have to be on virgin MDF? Thanks!

    • Tammy- I did my existing counter top over two years ago and this piece of MDF was something that Hubs and I made to add more ‘counter top’ to our kitchen so yes you can do this over existing laminate countertops 😉 I actually filmed this video because I didn’t do a video the first time (links for the other two posts about the original counter top are in the post) and people kept asking to see how I painted it. So that’s why it’s MDF in the video and not laminate :) Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

  21. LOO COURTLAND says:

    I am impressed! Excellent work:) What a great idea, you did very well. Thank you.

  22. That looks amazing! Hopefully this is your last duty station and then I can start designing my dream kitchen, this will definitely be a great idea! Always wonderful to meet another Military wife :)
    Mommyof2Girlz/StephD recently posted..Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe

  23. Andi Goins says:

    Love this!! Found it thru TipJunkie! So wanna try it :-)

  24. I’m starting to consider this more and more as real Granite is out of the question at this point. A friend of mine just did her countertops but I haven’t seen them in person yet. We are finishing up our kitchen remodel and still have to do flooring, backsplash & countertops. I’ve painted our underlayment right now. My problem is deciding on the faux granite countertop colors as my cabinets are black. I need to go with a light color for my countertops. How did you decide on your colors? Trial and error? Take a sample of granite into the craft store and try to match up the colors? Thanks for your post!

    • Kim, I did a google search online for granite samples and found one I liked, printed it and took it to the store to match colors :) Or go to a granite store and find a sample you like and take a picture of it :) Thanks for your comment & for visiting!

  25. Thanks so much for taking the time to show your effort and explaining the process so well. It is truly inspiring to see your work and I plan on implementing it when I move to the home I just purchased. I plan on doing the bathroom first and then tackle the kitchen. Thanks Kristi–you are a gem.

    • Linda- Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by to check out my project! It means a lot! :) Good Luck and send me some before & after pictures-I’d love to see!! :)

  26. Dropped in from Tip Junkie and I am so glad I did.
    My counters are 1970’s UGLY! I can not wait to try this out. Do you think it would work on the back splash of my counter also?
    Thanks again for sharing your talent.

    • Janiece, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the back splash (on my original post about it-link is in this post) I showed that my existing baby blue laminate counter tops have a raised little 4inch back splash and I did that as well. The only thing that gets tricky is the sealer because it might drip down but just go slow and you should be fine! I can’t wait to see some before and after pictures!!

  27. ok, so MY question is in regards to using this technique on existing countertops. do you think it would work and that i could get primo results? you & i both share a lack of affinity for baby blue in kitchens, and when my fam & i bought our house last year, it came with ugly goldenrod painted cupboards and a disgusting variegated baby blue formica-ish counter top. i’m in the process of sanding the cabinetry and painting it all white. my kitchen stuff is all in reds and white. i like a homestead, french country feel and don’t want to have to shift to an americana red, white & blue motif. please share your expertise, cause i love & had never thought of painting my counter tops before! thanks in advance for your time and for sharing your genius here!
    keely aka LKP recently posted..To the Moon

  28. I love your countertops. My daughter did hers last year from some sort of kit and they were gorgeous. However, she now has some chipping spots. I am planning to do mine this fall and I’m wondering how long yours have been done and how they are holding up? Any chipping? I love that you didn’t have to buy a kit. I’m sure it’s less expensive to do it your way.

    • Melissa,
      I’ve had mine completed for over 2 & 1/2 years now (the original section) and they are holding up fine 😉 I do suggest using EnviroTex as the sealer now because it is more durable than the clear coat I used but other than that it IS cheaper than the kit (another reason why I did it) and since mine are fine over 2 years later and you said your daughter’s is chipping already—I think this way might be more durable as well. Thanks for visiting and commenting and I’d love to see your before & afters and finished results! :)

  29. I totally love it! My husband and I are completely on board to give it a go but I’m wondering if you’d mind my asking what the total price was from start to finish on this masterpiece?

    • I don’t have the exact numbers but it was under $35 total. The primer was the most expensive at like $15 for a gallon (I didn’t use the whole gallon though), then the acrylic craft paints were like $0.75 each and the clear coat was $10? maybe. I recommend EnviroTex as the sealer now but I don’t know how much that is. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too awfully expensive & I’ve seen it online @ A.C. Moore which you could use your 50% weekly coupon on 😉 I hope that helps! Send me some before & afters so I can see the transformation! :)

  30. Hi Kristi,
    I have done this in my sink and finished it up with the polycrilic glosss. How have you been cleaning your counter? Is it okay to use chemicals on it, or cleanser, or do you think it would tear up the gloss?

    • Betty, I only use vinegar & water to clean my counters (or Shaklee cleaners) so I don’t know how they would hold up to harsher chemicals. Sorry I can’t help you more but we went ‘green’ in our cleaning before I did this so I really have no idea.

  31. I’m so IMPRESSED with your painting technique. Wow – you are a true inspiration!

    So, my the hubby and I are on a home improvement journey. One project leads to the next… and ours will be Kitchen Counters. We really like the look of granite, but leaning toward new Formica laminate counters in “Brazilian Brown Granite”(6222). Product and installation quotes range from $700 (matte) – $1400 (radiance finish). The radiance finish has a nice shimmery bling effect, but I’m having trouble paying that much for laminate.

    I was wondering — if we go with the new matte Formica counters, do you think we would be ok to jump directly to your metallic accent paint step and then roll on a sealer? In this scenario, we wouldn’t want to cover up the entire counter with primer and layers of paint. Rather, we just want to add the metallic paint accents on top. I’ve been trying to research whether this process will actually work. Your insight would be most appreciated. Do you think that process would work? Thanks in advance…love your blog. :)

    • Getty, I am really unsure if this would work on new counters with just adding the metallic accent. I don’t see why it couldn’t work if you seal it (I recommend EnviroTex high gloss sealer-it’s not what I used but that’s what I recommend now for it’s durability) really well. If you do take the plunge and try it please let me know if it works or not. I’m very curious.
      Thanks for commenting & visiting!

  32. Ok, thanks for the tip!

  33. I am considering this. How well has it held up for you a year later?

    • The original section of countertop I painted has held up well 3 years later. this section (we added on counter space) is holding up just as well :) Good Luck!

  34. This is fantastic Kristi!!! They look real. My landlord wont let me… sigh… I’m so glad you shared this though!
    Jen from insideways recently posted..31 Days: Day 31!

  35. Was so excited to see this and do it myself-thanks for such a helpful video! Couldn’t have done it without you!

    My results were great!
    Rhonda recently posted..The 21 Rules of This House by Gregg Harris

  36. I just finished doing my countertops. Thank you sooooo much for this information. They turned out beautiful. I’m so amazed. I used the envirotex lite for the finish. It was very difficult to work with. Make sure you read the instructions and really mix it well. My first coat was messy, but I sanded parts and went back over it with another coat using a foam roller, then used a blow dryer to heat away the bubbles and bumps. Now it looks amazing. Covered all the flows in my original 30+ year old counter!! Thanks again

    • Lisa, AWESOME! Thanks for the feedback on the EnviroTex. It seems like it would be a tad tricky to use but the results look amazing! I haven’t use it myself so I’m sure your tips will help others that I can’t answer the questions for since I have no ‘hands-on’ experience with that top coat/sealer. Thanks for commenting!

  37. Kristi,

    Thank you so much for posting this! After getting frustrated with my countertops Thursday night & spending some time googling I stumbled across your site and was sold! Friday after work I got my primer & paints and started working away. I heard EnviroTex was very hard to work with so I decided to also go with the polycrylic. I LOVE it!

    I know you waited about a week before putting items back on it–did you not use it at all for a week, or just not put heavy items (Kitchen Aid mixer!) on for that long? I just don’t want to ruin my work but am anxious to get my kitchen back in order…that said has anyone that you have heard put items back on the counter sooner & had positive or negative outcomes?

    • Hi there! I’m excited you love your ‘new’ counters! I didn’t put anything back on for about 3-4 days and then nothing heavier than my toaster/coffeemaker for a week. It depends on the time of year & the humidity in the air also-if the air is really dry it might be quicker. Good luck & thanks so much for leaving a comment and stopping by!

  38. Sandra says:

    I have a counter top with major texture to it and was wondering what to do to make it smooth, it’s laminate.

    Thank you,

    • Sandra-I’m not totally sure (I’ve never heard of textured laminate) but I had some wide seams on the corners of mine that I filled with spackle (after sanding the countertop first) and then lightly sanded and primed over so maybe try that?

  39. Chrissy says:

    Hi Kristi, I love your counters and I am in the process of doing mine as well. I started applying the clear coat about 3 hours after the final color but noticed that the foam brush was picking up a greyish tint. How long did you wait before adding the clear coat?

    • Chrissy, I waited overnight for mine because I finished the final color late and was too sleepy to start the clear coat 😉 I would wait a bit longer so that your clear coat doesn’t get color in it and look cloudy.

  40. I was wondering. I had not put primer on my counter tops. Instead,I used rustoleum paint because i hadn’t ran into your blog yet. my counter tops were old and my landlord painted over them before we moved in a nasty white color. i left the brown rustoleum as the priner. do you think that will be fine? but now i went and got all the differebt acrylic paints from joannes and i am on my 3rd layer of blotting. my blotting is not going as good as yours but it is coming along well. can i buy EnviroTex High Gloss Sealer at lowes or home depot? i already have the polyacrulic stuff. should i just stick with that?

    • I think the primer will be fine. You can buy EnviroTex at A.C. Moore or other craft stores. I know that A.C.Moore has it on their website for sale as well. If you already have the polycrylic then you can just use that. It’s just not as hard as the EviroTex and you might have to re-seal in 5 or so years.

  41. Debbie Hanhart says:

    Hi Kristi
    I love the look. Will be doing it to my counter soon. I too have blue counters. My question is I have a laminate that isn’t really smooth. Will the primer give it a barrier and make it look smooth.
    How many bottles of each color did you use.
    Debbie Hanhart

    • Debbie, the primer will not smooth out your countertop but the sealer will level it all out at the end. I honestly don’t remember how many bottles of each color I used. At least 2 I would say.

  42. Hi Kristi, thank you for the wonderful tutorial on painting your counter tops! Great idea! I finished the painting part of it and am now about to do the top coat. I saw that you recommended using the Envirotex glossy sealer. I purchased it this morning from Hobby Lobby and have read the directions thoroughly. It says to pour the mixture onto your project. Have you used this product before and can I mix it and use a roller? I have searched online and can’t find any information to help me. Thanks!

    • Laurie, You do have to pour it on and have a lighter available to ‘pop’ the bubbles. Just get painter’s tape and plastic sheeting and tape the plastic sheeting like a drape under the bottom of the counter top to the floor so when it drips over the edge the plastic will protect your lower cabinets & floor. Good Luck!

    • Catherine says:

      Laurie, the Envirotex website has a PDF file that has all instructions for using it & how to spread it as well

  43. Hi Kristi,
    I was wondering…what do you use to clean the countertops once everything is done? I am having my counters done this week, and want to make sure I keep the beautiful looking counters as long as possible. I was told you cannot use bleach water on polycrylic? What do you recommend for cleaning on a daily basis?

    • I use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean them on a daily basis and then just Shaklee all purpose cleaner once a week. Hope that helps!

  44. Catherine says:

    Kristi, I was wondering which Kilz brand primer did you use? There are quite a few out there. I am planning on doing this soon, so if you can give me an answer ASAP it would be GREATLY appreciated! By the way, countertops look GREAT!!!!

    • Just the regular latex Kilz primer. I don’t have the can anymore to tell you the exact name but I made sure it was latex and a primer. :)


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