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Welcome to ‘Tell Me About It Tuesday!’

and today I really want YOU to tell ME about it!

As some of you know Mr. Military Man & I recently purchased some land from friends who were going to build on it and then couldn’t because they moved. They had already cleared the lot, put in the well & septic and the driveway.

Like my fancy schmancy rendering of the house we got a price quote on?

Military Man & I don’t have to move and we love our house (inside) but where our house is and the lot it sits on and how close it is to the neighbors (I’m not even a tiny bit exaggerating when I say we are INCHES from the neighbor’s house) are starting to drive us batty as our family grows.

Our kids will not be able to ride their bikes in the driveway because it is a steep hill straight down to the busiest road in our town (which is a trucking route from Canada all the way to the coast), but they also can’t practice on the sidewalk because the traffic is so terrible (it’s a 25mph zone but everyone goes about 60mph).

They can’t really play in our teeny backyard because it is a big hill also.

and the upstairs of our house. oye.

the roof is weirdly pitched in random places so EVERY room has a weird sloped ceiling in at least one side-sometimes 2. So where to put furniture is hard.

Our bedrooms are tiny which does not bother us since we don’t really use them other than for sleeping.

So all this adds up to “What do we want to build on our new land?”

Well we went in to talk to the builder yesterday & We went in with one plan I had ‘doctored’ in photoshop

and left asking for a price quote on one of the models they had on the lot.

Now I’m not so sure.

the upstairs is all dormers.

I just don’t know.


I really wanted a central hallway downstairs with a coat closet for guests by the main door.

So I thought I’d ask if you live with dormers and how you like them (or hate them?) and I’ll show you the plans (both of them) and you tell me if you like them or not.

Here is the custom plan I had found online and edited to suit our needs:

Downstairs-original plans:

Downstairs edited plans:

upstairs edited only slightly:

and this is sort of what it would look like from the road:

Image & plans via The Home Store

Now here are the plans we requested a price quote on (why didn’t we just do both houses at a price quote?! lol)

This one was on the lot as you see it here (the downstairs-the upstairs was unfinished) and we only changed a few things- move the stairs over a bit into the ‘dining room’ (which will never be used as a dining room lol) & put the ‘side’ entry door actually on the side LOL

Here is the proposed upstairs (which we didn’t see bc it was unfinished)

But do you see all those little ‘jutting out’ places where the dormers are? I feel like it’s going to be just like our house now. And also the bedroom in the middle back? It looks super tiny. I’m not so sure about that.

and I really want an entry hallway downstairs. :(

I think another thing that is throwing me off is that we can’t have a basement. I’ve never lived in a house with no basement. It’s weird to me and I REALLY want a basement. :( but we can’t have one bc of a rock shelf only 4ft down. :( :(

This is too hard!

Do you have dormers?

Love ’em?

Hate ’em?



Have a happy day,


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  1. We built our house 5 years ago, and I still love our dormers. We plan on building window seats in them. Maybe this year will be the year!

    • you don’t find that it makes the house/room seem smaller? I feel weird asking since I don’t know you lol but do you have any pictures I could see of a finished room with dormers? It’s hard to imagine when it’s just studs and no diving walls :)

      • Our dormers are in a loft area off our girls’ bedrooms. The loft area is situated under the roof line of the front side our house. Without the dormers to break up the slanted ceiling, the room would actually feel smaller. I’m not sure if this would be the case for all dormers, but it works in our house. I don’t have any photos of the loft area since we haven’t done a single thing with that area. It’s truly the ugliest room in our house right now, but I know once we finish with other projects and focus on the loft – it will look great especially with the dormers having window seats! We’re always working on projects around the house, and I hope the loft is the next one on our list. If we get our act together soon, I email you some photos. I’ve got to replace my broken camera lens first!! I know it’s hard to explain without photos, but our house plans are online at Southern Living (SL-089) if you want an idea of what I’m describing.

  2. We have a cape-so there are two dormers in the front upstairs, and the back we put a shed dormer across the entire back. So from the back of our house-it looks like we have a colonial. We have an entry-way hallway and I plan on destroying it someday..haha! It made our living room area smaller, and I would give up the closet to have more space in the living room. Plus I think we can put a closet in somewhere else. If you want, you and your hubby are welcome to stop by sometime and check it out. I would recommend LOTS of thinking before deciding on a house. I love our house, but after living in it for a couple years…could stand to change it allllll around! :) Oh, and we haven’t finished the upstairs yet…still in the works. And we also plan on making window seats/toy boxes/storage under the dormer. My old bedroom in my parent’s house had slanted walls, it wasn’t a big deal-it was only on one of the 4 sides. And upstairs I’m also planning on building in custom book shelves under the slanted walls, to make use of the space. Or it can be used for storage/crawl space.


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