Spread Bloggy Love |{Day 6- 1+1+1=1}

When Kristi asked me to guest post for her Spread Bloggy Love series, I immediately thought of the best way I have found recently to show Bloggy LovePinterest!

I am always looking for new ways to share great ideas I find online, mostly from other bloggers.  I stumbled upon Evernote a few years ago and thought I was in love.  Evernote was soon replaced by tumblr and again I thought I had met my match.

Both have since been replaced by my new true love…Pinterest.  This time, I know it’s for real.  Let me tell you why.

Pinterest is everything I wished tumblr was, and dreamed it could be.  I knew what I wanted tumblr to do, and dreamed that I would find something to do that.  Pinterst is a visual gathering place, and very EASY to use.  Pinterest is the ultimate linky love for another blogger.  When you pin an idea, it has the potential to be re-pinned and be seen by hundreds, possibly thousands of new people.

You create boards {think a bulletin board pinned with your favorite magazine clippings} and sort them how ever you want.  A few of my boards:

  • Organizational Bliss
  • Homeschooling Wish List
  • Homeschooling Misc.
  • ABC Ideas
  • Favorite School Blogs
  • …and many more

Here’s a screenshot of a portion of my homepage.  When I pin something, I add it to my board and people who follow me will see it in their Pinterest stream.


I won’t take the time to give you the nitty gritty on how Pinterest works-they do a great job of that on their site, plus is is pretty self explanatory once you get started.  I promise after a few minutes of setting up-you’ll be hooked.  In a good way.

I can see when people pin ideas from my blogs and it is such an honor to see my ideas pinned, and then re-pinned.  Bloggy love is something that is very important to me, I believe in uniting other mom bloggers in any way.  I pray that Pinterest will be a new way for us to pat each other on the back and share good ideas we find.  It is also good for selfish reasons,  so you can later find all of those random ideas you find online.

Speaking of Bloggy Love, I simply must share about 2 very special women who have been the most gracious with me online.  I would NOT be where I am today without the help of these 2 beautiful ladies.

First, Valerie from Crafty Classroom. Valerie is a web genius-owning several major websites {Christian Preschool Printables, File Folder Fun, Lapbook Lessons, and more!}.  Valerie and I got to know each other years ago online and she has held my hand behind the scenes on several of my projects over the years.  She has given me so much help and online love, I am honored to call her friend.

Second, Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations.  Not only are we online buds, we have become the best of friends in real life.  We literally talk on the phone almost daily! I NEVER thought a friendship like this would come from blogging, but is has!  God is cool like that.  Jolanthe is one of the kindest most giving women I know online.  She shares her talents with SO many people and I know her heart deeply from being her friend.  She gives from an overflow of pure love for Christ.  Again, another woman I am honored to be associated with online.

I hope many of you will begin to spread the love by using Pinterest, I look forward to seeing your pins!!

God Bless,





Carisa is a homeschooling mom of 3, and a full time inner-city missionary.  She writes 1+1+1=1 and co-leads Totally Tots.  You can find her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest-of course!


I first found Carisa when I was looking for a way to homeschool my son at home. I think I have downloaded 95% of her free printables and I just love them. She is my GO TO blog for homeschool & I hope she knows I will probably start asking a ton of questions this fall when we really get into the ‘more school-less play’ version of preschool haha

Have you missed a day of Spread Bloggy Love? (Remember it goes from June 1st-June 30th) Click here to find all the posts!

Have a happy day,

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  1. Pinterest is awesome! Great for visual people. I have a blog roll, but I cannot remember which blog certain things are on with the blog name (especially since there are several with “pre” in the name for preschool stuff.) Being able to see the graphic from a site makes the connections in my brain to remember where something is that I saw before.

    The downside to Pinterest is that I lost an afternoon yesterday. Totally got nothing accomplished other than organizing links (and I am nowhere near finished….)
    Laura recently posted..Where to Plant the Hibiscus

  2. Thank for having me Kristi and for the kind words at the bottom of the post ;-).
    Carisa recently posted..Fun School Gadgets

  3. I’ve never heard of Pinterest but sounds like a great idea!
    Love your site – we have a subscription and use it often!
    Thanks for your faithful service in sharing your ideas!

    God bless,

  4. I think pinterest would be REALLY neat to use but I requested an invite a week or so ago and they sent me an email saying :
    Thanks for joining the Pinterest waiting list. We’ll be sure to send you an invite soon.
    In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter for Pinterest news and updates. You can also explore a few pinboards.
    We’re excited to get you pinning soon!
    Just wondering how long it takes to get an account?- if anyone knows
    thanks a bunch!!!

    - Ben and the Pinterest Team

    • It took about 5 days for me to be accepted. I think I can send out direct invites, not sure if they can get you on faster though, if you want me to try just email me with your email!

  5. Nicolette says:

    I agree, Pinterest is awesome! I was so excited when I saw Carisa’s boards there and followed them immediately. It’s a great way to share ideas and organize projects. I recently used it to organize my daughter’s birthday party and have found some really great recipes there too.

  6. OK, you’re like the tenth blogger to talk about this site… ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I’LL GO TAKE A LOOK. :) This looks to be a bit of an addiction so I’ve avoided it up until now, but your post has pushed me over to the Pinterest side.
    Priscilla recently posted..My manifesto- AKA What You Should Never Pay Full Price For

  7. I love Pinterest! I’ve been pinning for a few weeks now. It’s a great place to save craft, entertaining, decorating, and organizing ideas. I have a link on my blog to my Pinterest boards.You can follow someone on Pinterest just like you follow a blog.
    Sallie @ Texas Cottage recently posted..Blue-Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

  8. I keep hearing about Pinterest. Now I’m (P)interested in it, and will have to check it out.
    Joyce recently posted..Phone Photo- More Fa-Fa

  9. I’m on the waiting list too :( Could you send an invite to me too?

  10. I LOVE pinterest. I resisted for ages, but once I was on it I was hooked. I love the pinlet- I think it’s made me more efficient in my research for stuff.

    It only took me about 36 hours to receive my invite. I suppose it depends on how many invites they get at one time.


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