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If you are following along the Detox Your Home Spring Cleaning Blogger series you should have just come from Jennifer at The Ordinary Chaos.

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This is not the type of thing I normally write about but since it is pretty awesome to have a cat and have people come over and not know we have a cat when the cat pan is in full view is spectacular!

I recently hosted a mini essential oils class at my house and had a few people over that had never been here before. As one of them was leaving she saw the cat pan and said “OH! you have a cat! I didn’t even smell that!” (he had used it during the class *facepalm*).

How did she not smell that? Well it’s not some super strong kitty litter, it’s just your run of mill all natural kitty litter (sometimes I even just use shredded newspaper if I run out), it’s because I had Purification oil from Young Living Oils diffusing.

I got excited and decided that Purification would be my go-to party oil to diffuse just so we wouldn’t have any kitty smell problems. Then I found out about Melissa Poepping’s book “The Chemical Free Home” and in it she has a plethora of ideas for your home from baby wipes to carpet deodorizer to flea & tick repellant to, you guessed it, no odor kitty litter.

The recipe is below but I do want to mention I don’t mix up the big batch since I haven’t found the right container for me yet but I do take a tablespoon or two of baking soda and mix in one drop of purification then sprinkle that over when I change the litter.


No Odor Kitty Litter Box Recipe

from “The Chemical Free Home” by Melissa M. Poepping

No Odor Kitty Litter Box

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 4 cups Baking Soda
  • 25 drops Purification essential oil


  1. In an empty container (Balance Complete™ works well) combine ingredients and sprinkle 2Tbsp into kitty litter when cleaning box daily.

I do want to mention that you should use caution when using oils with pets, cats in particular. I started out by diffusing Purification in my living room which my cat is usually found in. I made sure he could leave if he wanted to. The first day he did leave the room. The second he didn’t. I then progressed to moving the diffuser closer to ‘his’ space (where his kitty liter box is). I would use half the kitty litter and 1Tblsp of the mix the first time you sprinkle it in (in case they refuse to use the box since something is ‘new’–you don’t want to throw out an entire box of kitty litter!).

Personal Testimony: My cat, Toby, came to us at 6 months old about 2 years ago. We did not have a baby in the house at the time (a kid and a toddler but no baby), once Sweet Pea came home in August he seemed fine but we took a brief trip in early October and had a relative come to check on him daily. He stopped using the litter box. He actually started peeing in our closet (EW!). We finally moved a brand new box onto our stairs and he used that fine for months. About a day after I started diffusing Young Living Essential Oils in our living room, which is near where our old kitty litter box is, he started using that one again! It’s like he’s a changed cat. Back to his old ways :)

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