Elf on the Shelf | {Why it is not a tradition in our house}


This post could also be titled:

“I am not an official blogger since I do not embrace chevron, fabric flower necklaces or Elf on the Shelf”

sometimes when I don’t l-o-v-e something that everyone is raving over I feel broken. Like my style meter isn’t working.

But Elf on the Shelf?

that is one thing I firmly will say no to.

First of all it’s a little reminiscent of Chucky.

Chucky Image Source: Ebay

I’m not the only one who thinks the Elf is creepy.

Secondly it adds more things to do to an already busy season. I’m more interested in eliminating things and slowing down.

I mean some of these “Elf” things are time consuming, messy & just plain weird:


The SoCal Mommy

Image Source: The SoCal Mommy

harkerfamilia-elf-tp Image Source: Harker Familia

Smashing your niece’s birthday cake (so you have to clean it up AND make another?)

elf-harkerfamilia Image Source: Harker Familia

Gift Wrap the Toilet

(this would not fly in our house because we only have one bathroom and it’s right next to the kids rooms—do you know how NOISY wrapping paper is? lol)

elf-adamwaid Image Source: Adam Waid

Ew. Just Ew.

elf-ashleytoawesome Image Source: From Ashley To Awesome

toilet-elf Image Source: Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Then there is the “Too Much Time on Their Hands” category:

elf-mommysavers Image Source: Mommy Savers

I mean really? As if setting up a new position & thing for your kids each night isn’t enough (after a full days work, dinner, bath, bed, etc) now people are doing extra things for adults only?! (funny, yes, but sheesh!)

Now if I could get away with just doing these simple things for 24 days and then repeating them each year I MIGHT have my arm twisted into this fad:

last-minute-and-free-ideas Image Source: Over The Big Moon

Now before you go getting all mad at me: I think adding to the magic of Christmas is really fun for both parents and kids. But I’m more for simplicity of the season. I want my kids to remember the fun they had with us relaxing and not sleep deprived from doing elaborate things each night. One or two elaborate ‘magical’ things are my maximum.

What may be elaborate to me is someone else’s simple. I get that.

Also? there is a song to keep my kiddos ‘behaving’ in December (besides y’know good ol’ fashioned rules). It goes “He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!”

BUT if you are interested in The Elf on the Shelf here are a couple pinterest boards you may want to follow.

Do You Do Elf on the Shelf?

Have a happy day,

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  1. Thank you so much. My son is 29 and I’m so glad they didn’t have this creepy elf when he was little. I thought I was the only one that didn’t like him. So I for one am not mad at you!!!!
    Kathleen recently posted..Snowballs and Holly Berries – Christmas Jewelry

  2. We elf….but we don’t go crazy. Maybe we just have a mild mannered little guy but the craziest thing he’s ever done is get stuck in the shutters. He’s never made a mess-if he did he wouldn’t be coming back. Somedays nothing exciting happens and he forgets to move…..no biggie. I agree he could be a bit creepy, but here’s the fun part for us. My older son is 13 so he’s in charge of moving him around for his little brother to find. It’s something he can do everyday to make his brother smile. And my little guy…he loves to go up to the elf and whisper little messages to him to take back to Santa. That means no trip to see Santa at the mall!! Now that guy freaks me out.

    • Lizy, I like your ‘we elf’ comment lol I’m glad you have fun with it! :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. He is cute and all but I enjoyed the holidays just fine growing up without him.

    • Lacey, I still say creepy but yes we all had wonderful magical (for the most part) Holidays without an elf πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting!

  4. Some of the pics make me laugh, but we don’t do it either.
    Shell recently posted..There’s No Room for an Elf on My Shelf

    • Shell I really like the #inappropriateElf from BabyRabies.com πŸ˜‰ super funny pics! Thanks for commenting–I just went and left a comment on your great post as well! xo friend!

  5. No, I do not do the elf. Ugh. It’s just setting myself up for failure. Lol I highly doubt I’ll remember to move the thing every night, let alone get it into mischief! Thanks for your honesty. :-)

    • Danielle,
      ha! Yes I will only do it if I know I will remember and succeed! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for commenting!

  6. I grew up just fine without the elf too! I have a love/hate relationship with the Elf that is just suppose to sit on the shelf. Ha My kid’s cousins are why I gave in and bought the “Elf”. I just did a blog post on ideas that weren’t so messy. I get “Elf” burnout about week 2 and ask myself “Why, did I give into this?” Good for you for standing your ground.
    Christen@Diyswank recently posted..25+ Great Elf on the Shelf Ideas

    • Christen, If it was just moving him from one place to another then maybe but it’s just one.more.thing.to.remember. this month lol and years of commitment that I’m not sure I can do lol I don’t want elf burnout! :) Thanks for commenting and good luck with your elf!

  7. Ha! I love the “Chuckie” analogy! I find the elf idea a little on the odd side. By the way, I also hate chevron!

  8. I think many Elf on the Shelf pictures on Pinterest are just plain stupid. If the elf is supposed to keep an eye on the kids and report back to Santa, why are the elves being naughty? If this was around when my son was little (he’s 15), I’d probably do it, but I’d just move him around the house. The kids are little and “believe” for such a short time – a little extra for a few weeks isn’t too much in my opinion.

  9. I never got into the elf on a shelf nonsense either. And really, doesn’t it just encourage naughtiness? “Look, this guy is super naught and he gets to hang out with Santa! Cool!” No thank you!
    The lovely one recently posted..WWTK– Dinner and a movie at Christmastime

    • yes that part I think is super confusing to kids sometimes (or it would be to mine) but I do know that some people really just put him in a different spot each night. That’s simpler and not ‘naughty’ so that’s their solution to that issue. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  10. To each their own but for clarification, our elf got into the cake AFTER we celebrated my niece’s birthday…but your explanation was pretty funny! I prefer to think of our elf as mischievous and not “naughty”…he has created some very memorable traditions and for the magic he brings into our house, I am happy to keep the lie alive!

    • Stacy, Oh good! I was a little confused because we hardly ever have any cake left over and that just seemed like it was a brand new cake–yikes! :) I am glad you and your family enjoy your elf and can see the humor in this post! Like I said, what seems elaborate to me might be someone else’s simple…and that’s ok! :) Happy Elfing and Merry Christmas! :) Thanks for commenting (and clarifying!)

  11. I think he is a total creeper! Can’t imagine doing this when I had little ones. ugh. =)
    Daune | Cottage in the Oaks recently posted..My Word of the Year {2014}

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