Make Your Own Wreath Form!!

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Today I want to share the way I make wreath forms for free! There are lots and lots of DIY wreaths to find around the blog-o-sphere but 99%* of those require you to have/purchase a wreath form- wood, Styrofoam/foam, grapevine, etc. I don’t know about you but my local craft store hardly ever sells the size I need/want for less than $10. $10 is a lot to pay when you want a quick, cheap decor item that you will switch out in a couple months for the next holiday/seasonal decor. Especially when that $10 goes for something that you will cover up completely anyway!

So I thought about how to make one.

I could cut a ring shape from a piece of wood but I don’t have a jigsaw (and you might not either) and I also thought that the bigger the ring I cut the heavier it would be-even before I added the decor-plus I have plaster/lathe walls and it’s hard to hang even lighter things- wood would severely limit where I would be able to hang it, so I decided to keep looking.

Next I thought of using fabric, make a tube and stuff it with batting then shape into a circle. I’m still not convinced this wouldn’t be a good way to go but a couple things made me rule it out for all but fabric decor wreaths: first, it wouldn’t be stiff enough, I don’t think, to hold it’s round shape (might end up more oval shaped) and second, it wouldn’t enable me to glue, tape or otherwise affix things to it- I’d have to use fabric glue and wait a long time for it to dry or sew/pin it on.

So I arrived at the cheapest option that provided me with a lot of options!

Newspaper! I get a free weekly newspaper delivered every week and I always save it to use under Little Man’s craft projects (or mine haha) so I pulled out a few sheets and fiddled around with how to do this wreath form.

The best way I found was to take a corner and roll it tightly into a tube, then do one or two more sheets to make it stiffer. For this project I used three sheets rolled. This is how the process looks:

Then when I got to the opposite corner I put a little tape to hold down the edge of the paper:

Then I took one end (you rolled it into a tube so it should be open on the ends somewhat) and inserted it into the opposite end and taped all the way around that seam.

This is where you can add more and more tubes of newspaper to make a bigger ring-just keep inserting them end for end and then close the ring when you are ready.

Now your form might have just naturally gone into a circle or it may be a bit out of shape. It’s very easy to lay it on the floor and smoosh/wrinkle/move it into the shape you want. You will have a bit of a flat spot where the tape is on the seam (the arrow is pointing to the seam)

Then the last thing you’ll need to do is tie your hanging string or ribbon around it

So there you have it! Make your own custom sized wreath forms for very little money (in my case- free! I had all the supplies on hand)

Now here’s what Little Man and I did with the wreath form.

I traced his & Miss E’s hands onto some paper- cut them out and then re-traced them multiple times on computer paper. I have a printer/scanner/fax/copier machine so I just made multiple copies but you could just keep re-tracing if you needed to.

Then I let Little Man go at ’em with a selection of Fall-ish Do-A-Dot markers to make them look like leaves.

After that I cut them all out (don’t worry about perfect- they all get put closely together and you won’t see the tracing lines or little slip ups)

I took a piece of tape and ‘rolled’ it into a loop (if you had double sided tape you wouldn’t have to do this-and if you enter the giveaway below you might just win some!)

And stuck it on the back of each hand ‘leaf’

Then just randomly started sticking Little Man’s hand cutouts onto the wreath form. I saved Miss E’s for last because they were tiny so they got to go on top.

This is what it looks like from the back of the form with all the hands on:

After I got them all on there I hung it where it was going to go (hanging from our mantle down the center of our fireplace-no we do not use our fireplace)

It looked pretty but unfinished to me. So I wrote some words on an index card- colored them with the Do-A-Dots and cut them out. I just taped them to the ‘tail’ of the hanging string.

DIY Wreath Form

That’s it! A free wreath that my son is so proud of because he got to help make it!

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  1. There are soooo many things to do with double sided tape.

    My favorite is a quick hem.
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  2. I can never find tape when I need it because my kids think it is a toy and string it around the house. So, what would I do with it? Put it WAY up high and then use it this season for wrapping gifts (with newspaper!).

    Love your wreathform. What a great idea!

  3. I use double sided tape a lot when scrapbooker or doing paper crafts.
    Allison recently posted..Catch a Glimpse Party 4

  4. Would love to use the double-sided tape to make that great wreath above!! Thanks for the great idea and love your blog!!

  5. I love that wreath! That will be a great project with my grandkids.

  6. I use double-sided tape to make gift boxes and little boxes for my holiday candies. Would love some more… I’m a follower. Come visit when you can…
    SharleneT recently posted..Solar Pumpkin Soup in Its Own Bowl – Redoux

  7. We love all tape! Our youngest just turned two and likes to stick things everywhere…..

  8. Fantastic wreath! I love hand projects!

  9. I’m going to try this with my best friends baby! We’ll see how it goes! I’m not so crafty.


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