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Today I have a tutorial (with a free pattern) to

Make Your Own Fairy Door!



• Foamboard

• paper

• cardstock

• x-acto knife

• dollhouse door knob & hinges (I bought mine at ACMoore)

• velcro dots


Print out the door pattern (below) or draw your own. Trim the excess paper away from the template.

Lay the template on the foamboard and cut around the outside.


Remove excess foamboard and then cut around the door jamb of the template. I lightly cut the door panels–just enough pressure to cut the top layer of the foamboard.


Separate pieces & color the edges of the door with brown marker (to create a shadow)


Next press your finger around the inside of the door panels to lightly ‘crush the foam board and make the panels recess a bit.


Smooth a layer of regular glue all over the front and lay a piece of paper over it, smoothing it into the indents. This will hide the foamboard inside the door panels and will make it look like all one piece and give it a little painted look.


Set the door aside to dry. Take the door frame and add strips of cardstock to the edges to hid the foamboard. The easiest way to do this is draw a line of glue the length of the edge, press the door jamb onto it and then trim the excess.


Once the door and the frame are dry insert the door back inside the frame and glue the back of both pieces to one piece of cardstock. Then glue on your dollhouse doorknob and hinges. (I cut a bit of the hinges off and inserted them in between the door and frame-just like a real door)



Add velcro dots to the four corners of the back of your Fairy door and the opposite pieces to the baseboard or wall where you want to add it. Press together to attach and you are finished!


Is mine perfect? No! But my kids LOVE it and it sort of matches our old house 😉

Our Fairy built it overnight one night and we let the kids discover it on their own (we feigned surprise when they dragged us over to see).

Below is the pattern for the door (there are two doors on the pattern because I have plans to put another door upstairs in our house since our door is at the bottom of our stairs). As always this download is free for personal use only!!


Note: You can purchase non-opening dollhouse doors, paint them and attach with velcro dots but the ones I could find were $20+! Crazy!!

Well since this is Halloween Week of course I have MORE for you!




• Oven bake clay
• grape stem
• toothpick
• orange paint
Follow your clay’s instruction for conditioning.
Roll a small piece into a ball (try to make it the right scale for your Fairy door)
Insert the grape stem into the top of the clay. Make sure it makes an indent. You can remove it while you bake the clay or leave it in. I left mine in since my clay bakes at a low temperature for a short time (no risk of the stem catching fire haha) and I hadn’t dried my stem out prior to making the pumpkins. Either way add some clear drying glue to the stem before painting to make sure it stays in!
Use the toothpick to create the pumpkin ‘lines’ from the stem to the bottom.
Bake according to package directions for your clay. Let cool completely & add clear drying glue (I used Elmer’s) to the stem to hold it in place. Then paint the pumpkins orange. Make sure you use brush strokes from top to bottom so the brush marks add to the pumpkin realism. 😉
Let dry and decorate your fairy door! fairy-fall

Be sure to pin the image below so others can make mini pumpkins as well!!


Safety: Please use COMMON SENSE! These items are tiny and are choking hazards. Do not use them with children who are still putting things in their mouth or who can pull the door knob/hinges off the door and put them in their mouth!!
Have a happy day,

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