Keeping Up or Barely Hanging On


I’m way behind on 31 Days Of Celebration Freebies. Not because I don’t have the freebies but because I don’t have the time to edit photos, watermark, write the post, add the pin it button, make sure I’m using the right keywords–blah blah blah.

It’s all noise isn’t it?

I have a blog design business that has surprised me with its amazing growth these past 2 years. {thank you}.  I am officially an LLC (limited liability corporation), I hired an assistant to help me keep up with my emails.  My husband and I are working hard to get out of debt and made a pretty un-thought-out financial move last year but in the process that might turn into the quickest way out of debt. (We came up with 1/2 the money ourselves and only had to finance the other half so if we sell it we will have some cash to put towards student loans & vehicles)–I think Marion, who writes Financial Friday, would be proud 😉

It’s a LOT going on and I’ve reached the point that I’ve seen so many bloggers reach and I always wondered why.

why walk away when things are SO good?

why walk away when you’re just about to reach all your goals?

Burn-out? Stress-out?


I just want to play with my kids.

I just want to remove the words ‘in just a minute honey mommy’s almost done working’ from my vocabulary.

I started this as a way to stay home with them and not as a way to be in the house with them but not really interacting.

I just need a break.


{deep brave breath}

effective immediately Creative Kristi, the blog, is on hiatus. I will resume regular posting before the end of the year (promise) but I need a break.

Also effective immediately: my design business is on hiatus as well. I always said I would never close my ‘list’ but when I’m booked 4+ months out and I can’t breathe when I look at that list AND the holidays are coming? Yeah. I need to finish what I’m working on then take a breath.

Yes I worry about numbers. I worked hard for FOUR years to get the followers I have, to get the daily visits I do get. I was (and am) not an ‘overnight sensation’. Would I love to have 12,000 feed subscribers? Heck yes! Do I realize that taking up to 2 months off could make me fall even farther behind in my goals? Yes.

One of my goals was to have 1,000 feed subscribers (currently 847) 2,000 twitter followers (currently 1,917) and 1,000 facebook ‘likes’ (currently 995) before my birthday (Nov. 11). This will not be happening now. :(

I’m trying hard to be ok with that.

What this means:

Design Clients: If you are currently being worked on or have paid a deposit invoice this does not change anything for you. I will be working on your design in the coming months as agreed. I will not, however, be taking on requests for new *CLIENTS* until at least December. If you are a previous client you get the same awesome email and twitter help you need! If you have heard back from me and we haven’t set a date yet–we are still on!

Readers: I hope you will consider subscribing so you will know the second I’m back from my mental recharge. :)

Business/Blog Partners: If I have agreed to do a guest post, a project or something similar– we are still on!

So basically: I am removing the pressure from myself but still keeping all of my commitments to others.

I would rather ‘pause’ this life to get the rest of my life in order so that I can be better at both than try to keep floundering along trying so hard to just KEEP UP.

I want to flourish. Not flounder.

If you would like to guest post for me while I’m gone feel free to send your idea to my email inbox or pitch me on twitter. I will remain active on twitter bc that doesn’t take too long to update 😉

I love you all and I thank you so much for all the love, support, and fun for the last 4 years!

See you in a bit!

Have a happy day,

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  1. Hey — I am proud of you!!
    You are doing such a good thing here. I will be praying for you!!
    Meredith in Maine recently posted..Weigh in Wednesday – Facts, not Failures

  2. Good for you Kristi! The numbers are just numbers, I know it’s hard for us bloggers to remember that and so easy to get caught up in this but your kids need you. Way to recognize that you can’t be all things to everyone and to take the time off for yourself and your family! The blog will still be here and I think almost all your readers will be too! Enjoy the time off!!!!
    ange recently posted..My weekend and a little announcement

    • Thanks Ange! I think it helped me to make the decision last night after my husband and I caught up on watching “Revolution”. I don’t think the entire world will go dark but I don’t want the majority of my life to be about the computer and internet. I want it to be about my kids & family :)

  3. We’ll be here when you get back.
    Denise recently posted..Calm My Crazy: Our Songs

  4. Blogs can wait to grow. Children can’t. Go do what you’ve gotta do, mama! Every single one of us understands that, and will be here when you get ready to come back!

    • That is the driving force behind my decision: My kids are growing and I don’t want to miss it! Thank you for your comment!

  5. Kristi, you’ll be in my prayers. If you need time for yourself and your family, I say go for it! Life’s too short to stress yourself out and go crazy! Be good to YOU! :)
    Christina Berry recently posted..Dear Blogger, You Need Help!

  6. Good for you!!! We must talk soon!

  7. This is a wise decision. You will never regret putting your family before extra work. I admire you having the courage to do what is best for you even though it means postponing some of your “to do” list. There will be other seasons in your life. This season with your young children is fleeting.

  8. Everyone needs a blogging break sometimes. Enjoy your time away from it!
    Kati recently posted..31 Days of Decadent Desserts {Day 17} Rainy Day Chocolate Pudding | Guest Post by Kristin

  9. I love you for this decision. :) I will be here when you get back. :)

  10. Yay for you!! So proud of you for making a tough call. Don’t know how you have managed blogging with your business and kids until now?!! I’m trying to work only in the afternoons (nap-time) and early evening now. I save late evenings for TV with hubby. Always such a balance but I too was guilting out about the “just a minute, let Mommy finish this…”

    Will be here when you return. :)
    Erin @ Two Story Cottage recently posted..Foyer Reveal, Finally {Part I}

    • I love ya Erin! I know you know exactly how I feel since our kiddos are so close in age. Good for you for cutting back and finding the balance too!

  11. You know we love you!! Those babies and family come first!!! Each of us has to reevaluate life periodically and yea for you! They will grow up way too fast…so go play!!! 😉
    Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon recently posted..Uncommonly Yours Link Party and Features { 50 }…

  12. Oh my goodness I caught you just in time for a design! Good for you for knowing yourself, your priorities, and your limitations. You will be missed, but this will always be here when you are ready. I hope you enjoy a much deserved break!
    Julia recently posted..New Look, Same Me

    • Well I still have clients lined up through the end of January so I’ll be working–just not taking on new clients until December. Thank you so much for your lovely post about your new design! I’m so happy that you are happy with it! :)

  13. Hi Kristi ! I just found out your blog and you business website ! Im so interested in working with you, but i already saw that you are really busy. So, are you going to take new clients on December ? Because if so, i can wait ! But if you still busy and don’t know when you going to be available i can move on… or can you even recommend someone that does a good job ?! Thanks , Louise.

    • Louise, I am not taking new clients until December and right now am booked until February (so even when my client list opens again in December I will not be starting those client designs until at least February depending on how quickly they get on my list). I hope that helps!


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