Tell Me About It Tuesday | {How to Shorten Jeans in 3 Easy Steps}

So lately I’ve been trying to make my current wardrobe work with my body instead of spending any money to buy new. This is for 2 reasons: one is that I just don’t have the money for new and two is that I’m still trying to lose some weight and I don’t want to buy new just to have to turn around and buy new again when I lose the weight.

So today I have a roundup of some great jeans altering tutorials and then a quick 3 step tutorial for shortening jeans that are too long for you while keeping the original hem.

First up: How to take bootcut (or wider) jeans and create skinny jeans from I Still Love You

altering jeans Then if, like me, you have to buy jeans to fit the thighs and then the waist is too big try this tutorial from Freshly Picked (or even this one from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar)

and this next one is just fun–fix a hole in the knee with a bit of humor!

monster knee patch Now let’s talk about altering your current jeans that are too long without losing the original hem.

Step One: Decide how much you want to shorten your jeans by and measure from the seam line up (not from the bottom up because we are keeping the current hem). Fold up that amount and iron flat.

Step Two: Sew along the current seam line. Make sure your bobbin thread is a blue color (or a color that matches your jeans) since the bobbin thread will be visible on the outside of your jeans. Make sure you don’t sew the leg opening closed 😉

Step 3: Cut off the excess fabric (where it is folded) and iron down the hem. You are finished :)

Do you have any other fun jean altering tutorials? Please share them in the comments!

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  1. Isabelli says:

    My grandma knows how to sew and I think I’m lucky enough for I always ask her to alter my jeans and I don’t get to spend any. :) I’ll still share this one to her for a change. :) Thanks!

  2. I always wondered how people shortened jeans and kept the original hem! This will come in super handy as my 16 year old daughter is only 5′ tall and we have to shorten lots of stuff for her!

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