Helicopter Cake

Here are a couple pictures of a cake I made in September for a friend’s birthday! He works with my hubby and they are also in the same Army Unit so his wife specifically requested a helicopter cake to reflect that!

This is actually a pretty small cake but I made a sheet cake to put this one on top of (sort of like a ‘topper’) but since I didn’t deliver it I don’t have a photo of it all put together.
This is one of my favorite cakes so far because I didn’t have any direction- just that it had to be a helicopter. She didn’t even care if I just did a 2-D icing picture of a helicopter. I, of course, wanted a 3-D helicopter ;)


Have a good week!

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  1. Wow! Any tips on how to make this cute creation? I have a friend with a five year old (well, almost five year old) and he has a flying obsession.. She’s looking to make a 3D plane.. Maybe she can come up with something by your pictures. Great job!

    Antique Jewelry

    • Molly, it is Wilton’s sports ball cake pan and I put a wooden skewer in the side, slid a ice cream cone over it and frosted the entire thing! Hope that helps!! Would love to see pictures if you or your friend make this!