Freebie Friday| Sew Your Own iPad case {& pattern!}

Today I’m going to show you how to sew your own padded iPad case (with tips on modifying it for any electronic that needs a padded case) & I’ll give you the pattern I used for the flap on mine. Plus some views of an iPad stand I made (took it with me to Blissdom) & a link where you can buy a similar pattern.

If you would like to post the finished results of you trying this pattern on your blog please do so but please include my full blog name with a direct link to this post. Please do not provide the pattern on your site- send your readers here to download it for themselves. Thank you!

Let’s get started! Here is what we will be making today:

So let’s look at what we’ll need:

Supplies: iPad (or electronic like a cell phone, iPod, hand-held game, etc.), batting, fabric (some for outside & some for lining), sew-on Velcro (or snaps), coordinating thread, & pins. You will need the measuring tape if you are making a case for something besides the iPad.

Step one: print out flap pattern (available for download here: iPad flap pattern )- make sure it goes completely across the 8.5″ side of a piece of computer paper for it to be the correct size (for an iPad- you’ll have to play around with enlarging & shrinking it to get the right size for other electronics).


Then cut off the corners (where it is striped)

After that you’ll need to tape a second full piece of computer paper to the pattern (where it indicates) in order to get the correct length.

Then lay your electronic on the pattern to make sure there is enough length & width.

This is where I take the unconventional sewing route (sorry I totally blanked on these pictures). For the non-flap side I lay the batting, then the lining fabric (right side up), then the outside fabric (right side down) and place the electronic on top & pin around leaving more than an inch of allowance. Leave the bottom open for turning. I sew around the 3 sides, clip the seams close & reach in between the lining & outside fabric and pull inside out. Set aside.

For the flap side lay the pattern on the wrong side of the outside fabric. Trace & cut out. Then lay the fabrics in the same stacked order as above and pin around. leave the bottom open again for turning. Sew, turn & continue to the next step.

The last step (sorry I lapsed on the photos again) is to take the two pieces & place them outside fabrics together. Sew the bottom & two sides (leave the side with the flap open or you won’t have a place to put the iPad haha) together then turn it inside out- you’re done! This is where I sewed the Velcro on the flap & the top edge because I didn’t care that you would see the seam from the outside. You could add it to just the outside pieces before you sew it all together if you don’t like to see the seam OR you could make a super cute pin on decoration for the flap & that would hide it! :)

I know there are ways to sew a pouch with no raw seams in the lining inside but I really was in a rush & didn’t care-plus this was just super easy so I took the easy way out. No one has asked to look inside my case–yet–they might after reading this post lol!

I also wanted to share with you the sturdy stand I made to take with me to Blissdom:


This is the stand closed

Here it is opened flat

This is the first way to set it up

Or you could flip it the other direction for movie watching

If you want a pattern that is very similar to this (it’s narrower- sized to just fit the iPad & not the stylus) you can get one for $9.95 from the Sew Spoiled etsy shop.

If you’d like to make your own stylus you can go visit my friend Karen from Saving The Family Money’s video tutorial! I didn’t follow her tutorial exactly (no drilling for me lol) but you can get the idea!

What do you think? Will you try making your own case? I’d love to see pictures!!

Have a happy day,

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Reminder: If you would like to post the results of you trying this pattern on your blog please do so but please include my full blog name with a direct link to this post. Please do not provide the pattern on your site- send your readers here to download it for themselves. Thank you!


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  1. Your talent is unbelievable! I want an iPad just so I can have one of those stands!!

  2. Thanks for linking up and sharing Kristi!! Love it!

  3. Super cool! Impressive, girl. Now can I get an iPad to go with my case?? :)
    Erin @ Two Story Cottage recently posted..Catalog Thursday Returns

  4. This is awesome!!! Where can I find the directions on how to make the Ipad stand??

    • Nadeline, I just looked at it and figured it out but you’d have to buy the pattern (link in the post) & directions from that etsy seller. It wouldn’t be fair of me to just give them away when the idea was hers. Sorry! :) Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  5. I won an iPad at Blissdom. I’m still picking myself off the floor :) I’m not sure what type of case I want. I like the pouch type but I think the stand type would be easier when taking notes. How was the stand when you wrote on it? Flimsy or just right? Or did you take it out of the stand to type/write on your iPad?
    Condo Blues recently posted..Want a New Sofa Reupholster It!

    • Congrats on the win!! How awesome!!! I used this AT Blissdom 😉 I brought my mini bluetooth keyboard for typing but I use it at home with just the iPad and the stand is amazingly sturdy. One modification I would make is to add velcro to the 2 spots where the tab closure ‘holds’ the stand in it’s position- right now it just uses the weight of the iPad to hold it there. I made the padded case because I don’t like transporting the iPad in the stand- it’s just slide pockets & elastic to hold it in there…makes me nervous lol but I’m sure there is a way to make it more secure. If you make one I’d love to see!! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  6. Going to use the first pattern for my very first sewing experiment. Have been drooling over fun sleeves for my iPad on Etsy for months, but never found the right one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I used foam packing wrap, Instead of batting…


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