Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Do Essential Oils Really work


Are Essential Oils worth it?

(meaning the $$)

1. I don’t mean to offend anyone who swears by oils or doesn’t like them by trying to get some first hand experience/stories.

2. I am not trying to debate one essential oil company over another (that would assume I’m ready to buy πŸ˜‰ )
3. Please keep in mind I rarely (if ever) use ANY form of medicine (over the counter and/or doctor prescribed) already anyway so this won’t “save me money at the drugstore”
4. I have severe allergies and can’t even wear perfume or be in the room of someone who does because I will sneeze for the next 3 hours if so.
5. I also believe that playing in dirt is a great way to boost one’s immune system and I rarely use any form of chemical or anti-bacterial soaps. We use baking soda/vinegar to clean or Shaklee products. I make our own laundry detergent and use cloth diapers.

6. We do immunize our children but on a different time frame: one shot per leg per visit (so two shots total at each visit) then we go back a week or so later for the others. I think vaccines individually are safe since they have been tested but since they aren’t tested mixed together I don’t like mixing them. (this is not up for debate please keep that in mind while commenting–you vaccinate {or not} the way you see fit. I’ll vaccinate the way I see fit and we can all be friends mmmkay?)

7. Can really young babies or toddlers use them? I have a 5 month old, a 3 year old and a 6 year old. All with various allergies/sensitivities.

All these reasons can be skewed to whether or not I should use oils.

I just want to know:

if they worked for you and how/why


if you tried them and they just weren’t the miracle cure-all you thought they would be (what did you try them for and what was the result?)

Information I’ve consulted before:

There are many more blogs, websites and information out there and I’m really looking for first hand experience with NO judgement or sales-y pitches.

$150+ for the ‘essential’ essential oils is a lot of money for our budget and since we spend little to no money on medicine and cleaning supplies right now that is a huge jump up in price for us. I’m also worried about spending all that money and having the scents be overpowering or triggering my sneezing (I was thinking about using them in a diffuser mostly to avoid any skin allergies).

Are Essential Oils worth it?

Have a happy day,

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  1. Kristi,

    I am like you – I am skeptical. I am using essential oils and honestly, I am still skeptical on some levels, but since they are working, I am not quitting. I won’t speak to ALL essential oils and whether they work – because I haven’t tried them. I am not a ALL or nothing person. If my kid is sick.. well I go to the doctors. I vaccinated my son when he was growing up. I used to get the flu shot religiously, but we don’t anymore. I have a chronic illness and severe asthma and sometimes take traditional medicine when needed. So that is a bit about me. With all that being said here is what I can tell you about essential oils.

    I have had chronic knee pain from a car accident 20 years ago when I was 18. I started using Panaway along with exercise about 4 months ago. and I leg pressed 500 lbs last week. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. Is it just my mind or did Panaway help? Whatever it is, I am not moving away from using Panaway.

    I go on a cruise each year and because of my immune system, it never fails that I leave with a terrible cold. This year I bought the thieves spray and sprayed down the room and my thieves and diffused it. No cold. No sign of illness.

    My sister came down with a terrible cold / flu like symptoms. She was down for the count for 5 days. She immediately diffused thieves into her home. No one else got sick – coincidence? Maybe. I can’t say for sure, but it seemed to work.

    You said that you are allergic to perfumes etc. Me too. Like so bad, yesterday in church I had to move because I was unable to breathe. The slightest smell of perfume makes my chest begin to tighten up. I have not had any problems with EO. The only issue I have had is with RC (which happens to be my favorite blend) and it is only when I directly apply it to my skin that I have a reaction.

    So sorry if I didn’t really answer your question, but those are some of my experiences. I hope you find your way in your journey! I don’t think you will be disappointed if you decide to give it a try.

    • Shannon,
      Thanks so much for sharing your EO story! I’m glad to hear you say you are skeptical but still using them. That’s how I feel. I’m skeptical but feel like it can’t hurt to try! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jodi Brown says:

    This is the very first time I have left a comment on a blog, I am saying this to hopefully show you that I love my oils. The first day I got them I enjoyed smelling them and using them. I would admit to anyone that I didn’t like the smell of all of them, but definately most of them. I would like to share you what how I used one that I disliked in an emergency. I have four kids under 7 in my house and normally I am here alone all day with them. I was having what I believe to be an allergic reaction with my throat swelling shut. I was panicking, trying to figure out how I could get to the hospital with four kids. On a whim, I asked a friend of mine online if any oils would help. I was told to put lavender (completely do not like the smell even now) under my tongue. The company I use promotes taking internally but not all oils are safe to do so. Within seconds, not exaggerating at all, my throat went back to normal. It tasted bad I admit but I never want to be without it, just in case! just for the fact that this one time I was spared an emergency room visit, I was saved the money I had invested with just one moment that no one could have predicted. Thanks for your time.

    • Jodi,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your EO story! I appreciate that this is the first time you’ve ever commented and I feel honored that mine is the blog you first commented on. πŸ˜‰

  3. Are essential oils worth it? I think you have asked a valid question. $150 is quite a bit of money. I understand that you don’t want to invest in something that you may never use or something that doesn’t work. Especially THAT much money.

    I am a Nutritional Therapist, a Childbirth Doula, an Herbalist and an Essential Oil user. I LOVE them, I use them with my Nutritional therapy clients, my Doula clients AND frequently for my own family. I have three littles 5, 3, & 1.

    Here’s all the things I’ve been using them for…

    Lemon oil in the morning for liver cleansing. (Yes, lemon does this and a drop of lemon EO is fantastic). Valor for stress relief and relaxation. Peace & Calming to help my littles sleep!!! (It HAS NEVER FAILED ME YET!) Thieves kicks some immune system booty! I love it for cleaning my home and helping boost us over needed immune health. Peppermint to help with headaches. Let’s not forget that I put orange EO in my homemade shampoo. (Smells fantastic!) Fennel EO in a glass of water every night to boost my And lots more…

    EO’s have LOTS of scientific backing. They work! They are potent extract of plant matter that heals us. Just like herbs and food can heal us. Many have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. (But, the FDA doesn’t like you to use that language with them :P)

    I think that ANY FAMILY that wants to live a more natural lifestyle and pull out all the stops before stopping at the doctors office should have a set of them. Why? They help your body function like it was designed to function AND they will most certainly save you money in the long run!

    Here are blessings towards your oiling journey! πŸ˜‰
    Becky @ Rooted Blessings recently posted..Don’t Get Stressed Over Feeding Your Family: Save 30% on Meal Plans

    • Becky,
      I’m glad you mentioned the helping littles sleep (ours wake too early or wake in the middle of the night all.the.time.). I never put too much stock in what the FDA says anyway so it’s ok if they don’t want people talking about the EOs anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties πŸ˜‰
      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and offer your experience! :)

  4. Leah Rockwell says:

    If my husband can be coconvinced, they are worth it. He had a lifetime allergy prescription bc his are so bad. All he uses is the LLP protocol and Dorado Azul. We did not spend any money on dr visits, copays or prescriptions/ORCs in 2013. Plus I have been using them on my son since he was conceived :) I love my oils and love how I feel it using them.

  5. Hi Kristi! So, I’m going to answer your questions from my perspective (as someone who’s still new to essential oils, and who was finally pushed over the edge by everything Myra had to share too!).

    Yes, they’ve been totally worth it for our family. Like you, we’re pretty naturally-minded already, but it wasn’t until I was given some samples and used every last drop for things like headache relief and helping me to relax during my homebirth, that I really thought, “Hmm. There’s something to these.” Now they’re a staple at our house. I pursue oily solutions before any other ones. :)

    To address your sensitivity to smells, THAT’S SO ME. Seriously. As I’ve pursued a more natural life (natural cleaning products, eating better, ridding of the house of toxic stuff, etc), I’ve become super sensitive to chemical-like smells. I can’t even walk down the household products aisle in the grocery store without getting a headache. I can only burn soy candles with mild, food-type scents (vanilla, cinnamon, etc). But the thing that really got me about the essential oils I use is that they don’t trigger my ultra-sensitive nose (and no headaches). Sure, I like the scent of some of them better than others, but I haven’t yet had a “reaction” to any of them. But, just to be honest, I HAVE had problems with certain brands triggering my headaches and such. Which is one reason why I use the ones I do. :)

    So yes. Worth it for us. An investment? Yep. It was one I had to save for too. But it was one I felt was so important going forward.

    • Lisa,
      I really appreciate hearing about your sensitivity to smells and how your oils haven’t affected that. That is honestly the biggest reason why I’m hesitant. Walking past the candle store at the mall is like stuffing hay up my nose during hay fever season πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. I commend you on the research you are doing. I wanted you to know that I have used Young Living essential oils on all of my children (including from the time my son was 6 weeks old), with wonderful results. They have definitely worked for our family. Like you, we didn’t use a ton of OTC or prescription drugs, and actually, we get free health care because I have a Roll Card (I have Choctaw blood). So they don’t save me money at the drugstore either. However, I would absolutely say they are worth the money because of the other results I see. For example, one of the essential oil blends was the only thing that helped my infant son’s gas and reflux. The peace and comfort it gave all of us – especially him – was priceless.

    My oils are wonderful for emotional health (i.e., calming, “mommy brain,” my temper), things we couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to treat OTC. They are also amazing for healing. My 9 year old daughter woke up with fever, headache, chills, cough, sore throat, lethargic, etc. on Thursday morning. Within 8 hours of being “treated” with oils she was 98% better and was completely fine the next day. And I say she was only 98% better that evening because I think she was tired from all of the laying around she did and it was bedtime.

    With all of that being said, YL essential oils work for my family, and each family has to choose for themselves what works. I just came across this article and wanted to share with you. Blessings, and the best to you in your essential oil journey!

    – Amy

    • Amy,
      I’d be interested to know what blend you used for your son’s gas/reflux. We are pretty sure our 5 month old doesn’t have reflux but she spits a lot during the day and can get gassy too. Thanks for sharing your story with me and for taking the time to comment! :)

  7. I like using the essential oils for many uses. Using Ibuprophen as an anti-inflammatory for my arthritis is not a long-term solution I like. I’m able to get relief using several essential oils together. My allergies respond well to an essential oil combination. I will also say that lavender works great on rashes & scrapes of all kinds. I know you didn’t ask, but I use Young Living so that I can take certain oils internally.

    • Karla,
      Mind if I ask what allergies you have and what EO combo you use? I typically use Claritin to control my horrendous seasonal allergies or when I have to be somewhere particularly dusty/musty but I have to admit that isn’t cheap and I don’t like using it a lot.

      • Hi Kristi, I use the 3 drops each of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint mixture in a capsule, 3 times per day. It really works. If something bothersome blows in, I use a saline rinse (similar to a Neti Pot, but easier to use), and I add a 2 drops of Lavender to that. Some people do a Lavender swipe inside their cheek. If I have chest congestion, I use RC by Young Living to clear it. If my sinuses are irritated, I rub a drop of Peppermint across my forehead, just above my eyebrows. I make a great hot cocoa with coconut milk, and adding a drop of Peppermint to that will open your sinuses really well. The reason that I try not to use Claritin is that over time I develop side effects that mimic hormonal issues.

  8. I started using essential oils a year ago. Before that my son had RSV 3 times within his first year of life. Each time taking a few ER visits, breathing treatments, steroids and 100’s of $s. The 4th time he came down with RSV symptoms I had my oils and applied Thieves, Lemon and RC to his feet and spine and diffused, within 12 hours he was 100% better.

    Also I am using Progressence Plus oil per the suggestion of the Gentle Babies book and have had NO morning sickness this pregnancy.

    Before I was pregnant I got off birth control due to the breast cancer risks and regulated my monthly cycles with Progressence Plus.

    We were around a girl New Years Eve who had a highly contageous fungal infection rash, she even held my son because we didn’t think at the time it was contageous. I had been diffusing Thieves that night (anti-fungal) and we took a drop a day and we never caught the rash.

    We have treated stomach bugs, prevented the flu (no flu shots for us), treated colds, headaches, energy, depression, and the list goes on.

    • Kayla,
      Thanks for telling your EO story! I appreciate hearing from you. I’ve heard about the Gentle Babies book a few times now–I’ll have to check it out!

  9. My family is typically healthy too. The only things we deal with is allergies, exzema and occasional sinus infections. I chose to begin oils based on cleaning products. What I found was more. I was able to remove toxins and treat everything from bumps and bruises to weight loss just through the oils. I can even treat my dogs! My cost savings comes from OTC products primarily – no first aid products, no commercial cleaners and we’ve made it through our worst sinus infection time without around the clock dosages of DayQuil/NyQuil.
    So bottom line – even with a typically healthy family yes I use them and yes it’s worth it.

    • Christina,
      I appreciate your comment! I don’t have a dog but I am curious; what do you treat your dog for with EOs? Thanks for sharing your insight! -Kristi

      • For my two dogs I’ve used the Young Liviing brand of oils for just minor issues. I’ve used Thieves and Peppermint in their water bowl to help with the breath and then it’s made brushing their teeth easier (removing plaque not the actual brushing). I’ve also used purification on a nose cut thanks to a broken fence post.

  10. I have been using essential oils for nearly a year now. We were in a similar boat as you-homemade cleaning products (so very little expense in our budget there) and rare doctors’ visits and medicinal use (OTC or RX, with exception of my husband’s “closet” ibuprofen use… more on that in a sec) so again, not a lot of cost in our average monthly budget there for us either. I am now a faithful eo LOVER! As is every member in my family (hubby, who started off EXTREMELY skeptical, and both my daughters ages 2.5 & 6) I will tell you what shocked me most: oils helped us with things we’d never have taken meds for or expected to have relief from!!! Things like-my eczema, my husbands burns at work (he is a welder, there are LOTS of minor burns), bug bite relief (in Houston, there are LOTS), headaches, sore muscles, hormonal issues… my list could go on. All of these things we’d just sort of learned to live with or occasionally attempted other remedies that never impressed us much. Now with oils, we have found relief for all of these things PLUS many more! We have gone even further toward our goal of a chemical-free home. We have shared this wellness with friends & family and watched the blessings the oils have brought to them as well. And what brought my husband over to a love & deep trust of essential oils? He (unbeknownst to me) had gotten to using ibuprofen anywhere from 5-7 days/week to deal with the pain his job inflicts on his body. About 3 months ago, he told me out of the blue, “Don’t let me run out of this Deep Relief stuff, I haven’t taken any ibuprofen in over a month, I think it really works!” So yes, the cost of starting is a lot to swallow at first, but the results are literally priceless. Oils are now a part of our monthly budget. It’s not even a question. And though I never set out to share or sell or anything like that, I have several friends and family that chose to do the same and all of a sudden my oils are free! It may sound like a giant leap, but I’ll tell you-it’s all a journey. Just like our shift to natural/organic eating, and all of our family’s other steps toward living more naturally, less impactfully, and getting back to an older more timeless way of living, it takes time. I would suggest taking with your friend Myra and asking to try a few samples. There is, in my opinion, no way of really knowing till you try. Good luck!

    Sorry for the length of my comment, but your questions and thoughts remind me so much of my own at the beginning of my oily journey. Hope this helps!

    • Wendy,
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! We have a lot of bug bites here in Maine too πŸ˜‰ Never even thought of EOs for bug bites. Thanks for stopping by & offering your EO story! -Kristi

  11. Another blog I read recently wrote out her thoughts regarding essential oils. She wrote three posts, starting with this one: Hope it helps!
    The lovely one recently posted..Gross


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