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12 Content Creation Ideas!


  1. Current Events- Use events that are happening every day as an idea for a blog post. An example is when Google announced it was closing it’s Google Reader service a few weeks ago I wrote a post that day listing some of the alternatives to Google Reader.
  2. Lists- Write a list of the “10 Best of..” or” 10 worst of..” an example that would be considered ‘evergreen’ (able to be republished at another time with minor edits) is 10 Best Summer Blockbusters. Then next year edit it to include one of this year’s blockbusters that you loved or list the block busters that are scheduled to come out and if you think one might bump one of your 10 Best off the list.
  3. Seasonal- find out what holidays are coming up or what is celebrated this month and write a post about it. In the Spring write about spring cleaning or spring gardening.
  4. Interviews- pick a topic that interests you or that goes with your niche then find someone to interview about it.
  5. Guest Posts- ask another blogger in your niche (or even just a friend, they don’t have to blog) to write a post for you.
  6. Other Bloggers- Look around at other blogs in your niche and see what they haven’t addressed yet in their posts (or haven’t addressed in a long time) and write a unique post on that topic. Do not copy them but come up with a unique twist.
  7. Projects- If there is something you are working on in your house, life, school then use it for content. I did this when I painted my counter tops to look like granite.
  8. Round Ups- Pick a topic then round up a bunch of posts from other bloggers that address that topic and list them. Example: 10 best posts on kitchens.
  9. Photo Dump- Pick a time frame (a week, every 2 weeks, each month) and post the pictures you took then. Posts don’t always have to have words. Greta at GFunkified & Sarah at The Sunday Spill do an iPhone photo post linky each week if you want to join in!
  10. Food- If you go out to eat pick an entree or appetizer you have never had before. Take pictures of the menu description & the actual food item. Then go home and try to remake it for yourself. You could also compare the price of making it at home versus the restaurant. Alternatively you can try to make it healthier at home or pick an item and try to make it gluten-free or dairy-free.
  11. Series or Theme- pick a theme, such as Spring, then write a series of posts about that theme. Examples include: Spring Maintenance on your car or home, Spring cleaning, spring gardening. Alternatively you could do a Fall theme at the end of summer but focus on school: List of things to pack for college, Top tips for heading back to campus, how to find an apartment, etc.
  12. Conferences or Classes- If you take a class or go to a conference about a certain topic then write a blog post about what you learned or your experience.

How do you come up with content creation ideas?

Come back tomorrow for some of my best blogging resources and tips!

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