Conference Prep for Preggos: Travel & Food

Part 2 of 2: Conference Prep For Preggos

For part one: The Clothes click here.

Conference Prep for Preggos: Travel & Food

For most people going to a conference includes some sort of travel (lucky you if the conference is in your home town!). Of course you should talk to your OB/GYN about your travel plans and whether or not they want you flying. You do not have to fly to get to a conference though. I’ve driven from Maine to Tennessee twice now for BlissDom and am driving to TEXAS for BlissDom this year as well. I also took the Amtrak train back from Atlanta last year. I try very hard not to fly because I have severe motion sickness and I just don’t like to throw up 😉 I do have a prescription for motion sickness but it didn’t work when I flew last June and I can’t take it while pregnant so driving it is!


Now depending on how you are traveling there are different foods you can bring. But I do recommend packing your own snacks for all 3 modes of transportation so that you are sure it is nutritious and not junk or expensive.



If you are flying make sure you wear comfortable clothing and if possible get up and stretch your legs to improve the circulation during the flight.

Are you flying? Check out this article on Huffington Post about foods you can carry with you on board. 10 Tasty Meals You Can Carry On Board.



If you are taking the train the same rules apply: comfortable clothes, get up & move a lot, etc. Also bring a small blanket if you can- the last train I was on was freezing cold overnight and all I had was my jacket.

Most Amtrak trains have a snack car but you can carry on your own snacks and drinks as well. I suggest making a salad in a jar and bringing that with you for a portion of your meal since Amtrak doesn’t have a liquid limit like airlines do. If you need a little ‘how-to’ on making them check out my friend Suz’s post on Salad In A Jar.



If you are driving then I think you have the best options for your comfort. You can pack what you want & change clothes if you need too, bring the food you want and stop when you need. Make sure you stop to stretch your legs and use the restroom frequently.

If you are driving I suggest bringing most of your own food and packing a cooler as well. You can freeze yogurt and juice/water put it in the cooler to keep other fridge things cold and if you are traveling a long distance by the time you are ready to eat it they will have thawed to normal fridge temperature. Below is a list of things I’m planning on bringing with me on the drive to Texas:

  • Yogurt
  • water
  • Hummus & crackers
  • Celery & carrot sticks
  • Cheese
  • Fruits that don’t need to be refridgerated: apples, oranges, bananas, etc.
  • Tunafish
  • Salad in a Jar
  • Oatmeal (if you purchase a single size milk at a gas station they usually let you use the microwave to mix up your oatmeal & milk)
  • Nut & Dried Fruit mix (homemade because those little packs in gas stations are pricy!)
  • Anything else I should have?

I am also considering purchasing a cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter so that it keeps the food at a cold temperature and I don’t have to worry about restocking ice. Perhaps a small size like this one I found on Amazon:

Anything else I missed? Any tips you have?

For part one: The Clothes click here.

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