Papertrey, Ink Challenge- Emboss Resist!

Ooooo! Have you heard?! Papertrey Ink is turning 3 and are celebrating in a BIG way! Prizes & Challenges galore! Head on over to Nichole’s Blog to get the day to day updates and surprises!

Today she announced that starting in the spring they will be having “Make It Mondays” featuring a new technique video every Monday! So exciting! To start off she posted a video of a technique I actually had never heard of: Emboss Resist. I watched the video and thought it was the coolest thing! So I went and dug out all my old embossing stuff and tried it out. LOVE! L-O-V-E! So fun!

This is my VERY first time posting a card and linking it to anyone associated with Papertrey, Ink (always intimidating!) but there is $200 of emboss resist goodies up for grabs! I had to at LEAST take a deep breath and hit the ‘publish’ button for this one!

So without further a-do here is my very first emboss resist card!


The bottom half of the card showcases the emboss resist. It is the Background Basics: Spots & Dots stamp set embosses on Sweet Blush cardstock then rubbed with Berry Sorbet ink.

Let me know what you think!

All supplies are Papertrey, Ink unless noted.
Paper: White cardstock, sweet blush cardstock, vellum 
Ink: Berry Sorbet, Summer Sunrise, Clear Emboss it (manufacturer: Ranger)
Embossing powder: Antiquities Frosted Crystal (manufacturer: Ranger)
Stamp sets: Background Basics: Spots & Dots, Heart Prints
Other: Cuttlebug swiss dots embossing folder, corner rounder, Scor-pal, adhesive,dimensional pop dot,  scissors 

V-Day mantle!

I am excited that my fireplace re-do is finally done so that I can join Beth at The Stories of A to Z‘s Friday Mantel party!!

So here is my on a budget and don’t feel like going to the store with a 2-year old Valentine’s Day mantel!

And yes I know my tv is off center and the cords are showing (I’m working on that- the tv is off center because the power cord is too short to center it) but this is my REAL mantel- exactly as all my guests see it so that’s how you see it- no photoshopping! Although I was tempted……
Here are some close ups with links to where to get the *free* printables!
V-day banner and happy heart day circles printed, trimmed, hole punched and hung with dental floss (mmmm minty!)
Painted wooden letters from Jo-Ann’s last year. They came white and I painted one X & one O red and placed them on the mantel so they spell out XO XO on either side of the tv 🙂
These are hanging from my sconces and it’s the same Happy Heart Day circle with a heart freehanded on  heart paper and cut out.
Everything that is printed is printed onto white cardstock and hole punched then hung with dental floss (this is stuff is so strong plus it gives a minty smell when my heater comes on haha) I taped them where necessary with regular scotch tape.
Go check out all the other (much more impressive & festive!) mantels over at Beth’s Mantel Party!!

Fireplace Before & After

Woohoo! The shiny polished brass is *almost* gone from my house (have to switch out the dining room chandy for one I bought almost 2 years ago, oops). But at least I can say it is gone gone gone from my living room! Woot!

Painting a Brass Fireplace Surround with High-Heat Paint

Here is the shiny offender before:

And here is the lovely after (2 coats of heat resistant paint in the only color they had: satin black):

How to paint a brass fireplace surround
And now my nesting has turned on the brick. I want to white wash them, and don’t tell me I can’t or I shouldn’t…’s my house- I live here. 🙂
So hope you like the transformation!


I am in full on nesting mode and it’s happening much earlier in my pregnancy then with my first child. (I’m only 22 weeks!) While I love the extra ideas and plans floating around in my head and the energy that helps to make some of those projects come to life…I don’t think hubby shares my enthusiasm. Oh well, he humors me.
So first up is something that has been BUGGING me since I moved in: Two sconces (one on each side of the fireplace mantle) that match the sconces my parents had/have in their bathroom while I was growing up.I’m not a fan and I’m totally not a fan of feeling like I’m in my parents bathroom while I’m in my own living room! haha! So this weekend I fixed it!

DIY Wall Sconce Makeover

Using this: Rust-Oleum American Accents Metallic spray paint in “Oil Rubbed Bronze”

Taped off around the fixture (& taped the part where the bulb goes in and where you turn it on)
Sprayed two coats, added the bulb back & then added a little clip-on chandelier shade to finish it.

Can I just say: LOVE IT!! Love love love love love it!
DIY Wall Sconce Makeover
So apparently that didn’t fix my ‘nesting’ instinct for long because now I want to use this post by Our Suburban Cottage blog to take my hatred for all things brass out on this:

My fireplace surround. *sigh* this is the best picture I could get & it’s pretty fitting that the sun GLARING off of it is abundantly clear.

Anyway, because I have to wait until the little one is in bed to paint it I decided to enlist the help of hubby in peeling up some ugly peel & stick tiles in our bathroom. They were put in by previous owners about 10 years ago.

Here is our bathroom ‘before’ (keep in mind I am standing in the hallway to take this picture-that’s how TINY our bathroom is)
Note: The floor is clean in this picture-it’s just not a great color lol…also note the over abundance of caulk around the bottom of the sink too….will be fixing that with my new caulk remover 😉

Here we are ‘in progress’ The hairdryer worked great in making the tiles pliable enough to peel up.

Beneath the tiles is original hardwood floors that are in pretty decent shape…just painted green. I have an idea for how to make ’em look good AND be sealed properly against water damage without spending a lot of money. Let it be known I would much rather have a crew come in, remove the fixtures, rip up the floor, lay a new sub floor and tile then replace the fixtures. But that’s not in the budget right now…and since its our only bathroom if we ever do that we need it to be a warm season outside so that using the rented port-a-potty wouldn’t freeze our bums off! Lol!

Anyway. I’m nesting and there are more projects that apparently I NEED to have done before the baby comes so please send loving thoughts to my husband as he *patiently* deals with my prego nesting hormones.


The biggest project flop……

So I have just finished my biggest project flop of my entire life (adult or childhood!) and since I have no shame I’m posting it here 🙂

Just for you to laugh at. But be gentle ok?

I bought a new fabric waffle weave shower curtain awhile ago and since we have a claw foot tub I had to hem it to be shorter. This part of the project turned out EXCELLENT.

cutting the amount I needed off
turning up and ironing the hem

Then I sewed it with a zig-zag stitch (white stitches on white fabric do not photograph well so no picture) and hung it up. See? Perfectly hanging and no excess puddling in the tub (one time where you don’t want a curtain to puddle)

Now here comes the flop….I had a good amount of that beautiful waffle weave fabric left from where I cut it off….so I took the old vinyl shower curtain and an old hand towel and decided to make a bath mat. We have one that I love but when that’s in the wash we have nothing until it’s clean.

Supplies: towel, waffle weave fabric, vinyl shower curtain, scissors, sewing machine, pins.
Cut your waffle weave to a little bigger then the width of the towel and lay out all your strips to determine the size of your mat. Cut towel to that size.

Take your towel and lay it on the vinyl shower curtain and cut to size.
(I sewed the 3 waffle weave strips together to make one piece) Lay your pieces in this order: vinyl shower curtain (will be inside the mat) then towel right side up and waffle weave fabric right side DOWN.

Sew around the edges leaving about 4-6 inches open for turning. Turn it right side out by reaching in the opening and putting your hand between the waffle weave and the towel.
Here’s where it flops….I wanted to sew a finishing hem around the entire outside of the mat after turning (had to at least sew the opening left from turning closed) to give it a more finished look. Apparently, even after trimming the edges and cutting the corners to reduce bulk before turning there was STILL too much bulk and I broke my first ever machine needle…into THREE pieces!

Now this is where I swore quite loudly because I was 100% sure I didn’t have a replacement needle (never ever broken a needle and I use the same needle for every type of sewing *gasp!*) & the little one was napping so going to the store wasn’t going to happen. I decided to dig through my mess of a sewing tub and actually found a little packet of ‘universal needles’ and put one in hoping ‘universal’ really meant universal….It did. But then I still couldn’t sew close to the edge because of the bulk and with 50% sewed I couldn’t really leave it. So I finished it by sewing as close as I could without sewing over too much bulk…..and this is what I ended up with:

A waffle-y, rumple-y mess. BUT it functions, is SUPER cushy under your feet and I used my left over fabric, vinyl shower curtain and made a bath mat that will serve us just fine whenever our other one is in the wash.

Big flop in ‘professionalism’ and ‘sewing style’ but whatever right?

Hopefully Monday I will be able to show you a project that ISN’T flopping right now but it’s not done yet so you’ll have to wait. Here’s a hint: I de-brassified something that has been bugging me since I moved here! YAY!!

So to make me feel better I think y’all should tell me YOUR biggest project flop (doesn’t have to be sewing, it could be cooking, crafty, woodworking…whatever!) and if you kept the flop or started over??

Look forward to hearing your stories,

SYS Thurs

Helicopter Cake

Here are a couple pictures of a cake I made in September for a friend’s birthday! He works with my hubby and they are also in the same Army Unit so his wife specifically requested a helicopter cake to reflect that!

This is actually a pretty small cake but I made a sheet cake to put this one on top of (sort of like a ‘topper’) but since I didn’t deliver it I don’t have a photo of it all put together.
This is one of my favorite cakes so far because I didn’t have any direction- just that it had to be a helicopter. She didn’t even care if I just did a 2-D icing picture of a helicopter. I, of course, wanted a 3-D helicopter 😉


Have a good week!


I just got a package in the mail that I have been tracking online for DAYS….I am so excited!! I can’t wait to play and create but I just had to jump on here first and share….
I am now the very proud owner of my very first set of…………………………………


I have wanted them forever but couldn’t get myself to justify the price. Then I logged on to JoAnn’s one day and they not only had sets of Copics but they were on SALE! So I took the jump and bought a small pack with just some basic colors and now I think I’ll be adding a new color here and there as the budget allows. 🙂

Ok I’m off to play!

I’m still here!

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few months. A lot going on personally, #1 being I am pregnant with baby #2!! YAY! I had horrible morning sickness for 2 months (literally on the couch feeling like a horrible mom because my 2 year old watched wayyyy too much tv!) and then of course this month is crazy busy making Christmas gifts! BUT my early New Year’s Resolution is to come back to blogging! Starting December 26th (my older sisters birthday!) I hope to have at least a weekly post, if not more than 1 a week!
So Happy Holidays and can’t wait to be back FULL force! 🙂

8 years ago…

8 years ago the world as we know it changed forever.

Things got scarier, bigger than us, confusing, but most of all WE got closer. For 6 or so blissful months we really did stand UNITED. Flags flew everywhere. Even places they had never been before. It was a welcome sight to this proud American.

Then complacency got us back in it’s grip and we are back to tearing each other down.

Today let’s honor those who died (those in the attacks & those in the resulting war) by doing something nice for a complete stranger.

I mean it. I will seek out someone, anyone!, and do something nice. And if I can’t find someone I will practice random acts of surprise (like my new term?) by placing say, a $5 bill in the change return of a soda machine or paying for the person behind me in line’s coffee. Something where the ACT is the reward, NOT the praise.

Want to join me? If you do I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment telling me what you did & if you did see the person’s reaction how did that make you feel?


If you are reading this in Facebook or a reader please click through to my actual blog and leave your comment- thanks!

P.S. thanks honey for being my knight in combat boots, that whole shining armor thing is so overrated.